Below is our list of weekly events here at manna avenue.


"Boutique Beverages, Batches, Brews & Barriques"

This night is specifically dedicated to our talented staff of barmen (and women) and those of us who enjoy the art of the libation. Every Wednesday, we highlight a special beverage not limited to batched liquor experiments, esoteric spirits, rare single barrels, limited beer releases and wine tastings.

Happy Hours start at 5pm: Inquire Within


On Thursdays, we give Jameson and the kitchen team the reigns. They compose a $40 four-course menu that highlights many of our local farmers and allows them to venture out into their creative culinary minds. 
In the past, we have explored our favorite chefs, regional cooking, authors, significant historical events, artists, holidays...this allows our kitchen staff the opportunity to dig into a theme and conceptualize a menu paying tribute to someone or something inspiring to them.


"Beggars Can't Be Choosers"

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  • 123 Princess Street, Wilmington, NC 28401
    Dinner Hours: Tues-Sun: 5:30—Until  |  Closed on Monday
    Bar: Opens at 5pm
    For reservations call (910) 763-5252
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  • bourgie nights

    Join us in our lounge to enjoy travelling and local musicians in an intimate listening room environment.
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