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manna serves American Cuisine, Tuesday through Sunday in Downtown Wilmington.  The restaurant features innovative food and cocktails, a robust wine list and full bar.

Our chef selects the best ingredients in arranging his vision of the American Restaurant. We buy as local as possible, so long as the quality is fantastic and the price is fair. We do not buy local for the sake of buying local.

We change the menu frequently to incorporate all of the freshest ingredients and provide alternative dishes for those people who frequent our business on a more regular basis. ask your server if the chef can prepare something off the menu…if we’re not too busy, he is happy to accommodate.

Our chef specializes in french technique but invariably holds his hat on his ability to create interestingly unique combinations and flavor profiles from nearly every culture based on his extensive culinary knowledge. On weekdays, he invites you to partake in his four course tasting menu which varies and allows him to take the burden of choice out of your hands and places the artistic element into his.

There is something compelling buried in the mythos of manna. There is something very grand and something very ordinary. There are tales of manna falling from heaven, manna in dewdrops nestled in clover leaves, manna in closely guarded honeycombs, manna for the Israelites, but at it’s most base level it is a tale of survival. manna is for everyone, it is the unadulterated offerings of everything that falls from heaven. It’s all here, everything you need to survive.

American cooking is rooted in survival, it is rugged, it is wild and somehow it is elegant. At manna we use local, regional and American ingredients almost exclusively. We are trying to paint a picture of American food that uses colors that are only born and hued here and the result is often very pure and often stunning. Come see America through our eyes.

Wm Mellon, General Manager / Proprietor

Personal Statements by the Proprietor
"It is still very unclear to me how I stumbled into this industry. My parents didn’t own a family restaurant that I worked in through high school saving money for summer vacation and a used Plymouth for senior year. In fact, my family and I rarely went out to eat…
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Rebeca Edelmira Alvarado-Paredes, Executive Pastry Chef

When Rebeca came to us, manna won the lottery. In all of my years in the restaurant business, I have never met a more amicable person & never met a more skilled sugar-smith. Typically, you get one but not the other. With that type of talent comes ego; an inability to meld into a team mentality; a lack of desire to train and be trained. But for her, there is nothing more further from the truth — Rebeca is an enigma...
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  • 123 Princess Street, Wilmington, NC 28401
    Dinner Hours: Tues-Sun: 5:30—Until  |  Closed on Monday
    Bar: Opens at 5pm
    For reservations call (910) 763-5252
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  • bourgie nights

    Join us in our lounge to enjoy travelling and local musicians in an intimate listening room environment.
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